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Endure and Survive

Bushcraft 1

Four Basic Needs - Rules of Survival

Bush Safety

Rules of Survival

Primitive Tools


Surviving the elements (cold and hot weather)

Water Sources / Purification Methods

Fire Starting (Primative Methods) Level 1

Primative Food Sources (Edible Plants/Protein Sources)

Location and Orientation

Mental and Emotional endurance

Basic Personal Hygiene

Bushcraft 2

Basic First Aid

Surviving the seasons

Fire building/Sustaining

Maintenance of gear

Site maintenance/management

Basic Navigation (Field Expedient Methods) Day and Night

Wildlife Identification

Wildlife Language


Hunting – level 1 (traps- snares)

Basic Tracking

Plant medicine

Processing and preparing food

Processing wild game

Observation skills

Mental Survival/Stress Management

Physical Fitness

Signalling Techniques

Adapt and Thrive

Hunter Gatherer Skills

Improved Sheltering

Water Collection and Purification Systems

Advanced Firebuilding Techniques

Introductory Farming

Advanced Wilderness First Aid

Basic Land Navigation

Primative Tools and Weapons

Bugout bags/survival kits

Limited visibility skills

Management and Maintence of Resources

Wilderness First Responder

Long Range Navigation

Firearm Safety

Firearm Maintenance



Knife Skills

Basic Knots

Natural tanning-processing animal skins for garments

Subsistence Farming

Sustainable approaches in Agriculture




Principles of Shooting



Advanced Marksmanship Techniques

Rifle Sights and Optics

Tactical Weapons Training

Combatives H2H Techniques

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